Algicida para piscinas

Algicide for swimming pools

What is an algaecide?

Algicide for swimming pools is a chemical product Algaecide for swimming pools is a chemical substance that prevents the appearance of all kinds of algae in the pool water. It is one of the essential products to keep the water in your pool clean throughout the summer season, so it is important to use algaecide as a preventive action for the development of algae.

Algicida para piscinas

When the pool water is in poor condition and with low chlorine levels and favorable light and heat conditions, it is most likely that during a period of 12 hours the pool water will turn greenish, as a possible algae development symptom.

In this case, it will be necessary to carry out the treatment to return the water to normal conditions, using chlorine and a pH reducer. An algaecide product is only in liquid format and in containers of 5, 10 and 25 liters. The containers are made of plastic to avoid breakage of the container due to improper handling and with a safety cap to avoid the evaporation of the product.


How does an algaecide work?

The function of this product is in case the pool has green algae to be able to kill them quickly. This product can be presented in several components (quaternary ammonium, copper sulfate, cationic biguamine, etc.) and its function is to eliminate the algae and destroy them completely, so they go from a state of living matter to a state of disintegration and remain remains of the algae already dead and a lot of dust that remains deposited on the bottom of the pool and can be vacuumed without problem with the manual bottom sweeper.

There are two types of this most claimed product, the normal algaecide and the concentrated algaecide, this is much faster since it has a higher concentration of product according to its formulation. In the case of black, brown or yellow algae, it is a different matter and they must be treated with specific products and with other parameters different from green algae. In another post we will talk about black algae and how to solve if they appear in our.

Of the dead particles of green algae, most remain in the filtration sand filter, the rest that remains deposited at the bottom of the pool is collected with a cleaning robot or vacuum cleaner, this makes the water remain completely transparent.

It is important once you have applied this product and the algae on the bottom, to vacuum all the algae residues and do a good cleaning of the filter so that it is completely clean of said particles and they cannot return to the pool water.

How to apply it in swimming pools?

Before applying the Algaecide, the pH of the water must be checked, it must be between 7.2 and 7.6 and the level of free chlorine between 1 and 3 ppm, then you must place Liquid Chlorine (3 L per 10 m3) and then apply Algaecide, being evenly distributed over the surface of the pool.

To avoid the appearance of algae in the pool, it is recommended to use between 0.5 and 1 liters of anti-algae per 100 cubic meters of water once a week. It is advisable to distribute the product over the entire surface of the pool, so that all surfaces receive the product.

Our algaecides

PM-614 ALGIBON Eliminate algae

Multipurpose five-effect algaecide with a monthly dosage in private pools:

• Provides a bright blue color.
• Great effectiveness against algae.
• Repels insects from the water.
• Increases the transparency of the water.
• Does not foam.

Use dose: 1 L / 100 m3 every 30 days (family pools) or every 15 days (public pools).


PM-624 ALGIBLACK + Eliminate algae and black bacteria

Quickly remove all types of algae that appear in the pool. It is especially suitable for black, yellow, brown algae, etc. After adding the product they can bathe immediately. It can be used as a shock in swimming pools with saline electrolysis.

Use dose: Initial treatment: 1.5 L / 100 m3.
Maintenance: 0.3 L / 100 m3 once a week.


PM-634 ALGIKLEAN Special saline electrolysis and active oxygen

It is a double action product. Algaecide and rinse aid. Fully compatible and ideal to reinforce saline electrolysis equipment. It does not foam and does not contain metal ions. It can be used as a base algaecide and is also very suitable for use when pools have turned green as a shock algaecide.

Powerful bactericide that minimizes the growth of fungi behind the reinforced sheet and also of the black algae in the grout.
Suitable for the elimination of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus (see technical data sheet).

Dosage of use: 1 to 2 L per 100 m3 of water, according to needs.


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