Heat pump control with mobile

Heat pump control with mobile

The iAquaLink ™ app allows you to easily control your Zodiac® devices remotely

Heat pump control with mobile

Heat pump control with mobile

Today, we don’t want to waste time with repetitive tasks. In the era of the connected home, home automation allows us to control and program more and more home devices.

In order to reduce the time we spend on pool maintenance and prolong the pleasure of bathing, Zodiac® has developed a range of connected products that can be controlled remotely.

You no longer have to be physically present in your pool: Zodiac® devices work independently and pool maintenance is automatic.

With the help of the iAquaLink ™ application, you can activate, from wherever you are, filtration, water treatment and pool cleaning.


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FloPro ™ VS – This ultra-quiet variable speed pump consumes up to 90% less electricity than a single speed pump.

Once the iAquaLink ™ application is installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can:

– Start or end the filtration
– Program speed
– Set the hours of operation you want

TRi Expert LS: the Zodiac® salt chlorinator disinfects your pool water with half the salt of a classic chlorinator.
Installing the AquaLink® TRi module allows users to easily control and regulate their pool water treatment from wherever they are. This module permanently links your device to the iAquaLink ™ application installed on your smartphone or tablet.

MagnaPool® – This Zodiac® patented magnesium-based water treatment solution disinfects your pool without adding chemicals. You will never have red eyes, tight skin, or smell of chlorine again.
This Zodiac® innovation is also controlled through the AquaLink® TRi module linked to the iAquaLink ™ application.

RV 5480 iQ: This ultra-powerful, all-terrain cleaner is equipped with patented Lift System technology. At the end of the cleaning cycle, a powerful reverse jet flushes the collected water, making the weight of the cleaner lighter and easier to remove from the pool.

Wherever you are, with the iAquaLink ™ app, you can:

– Start or stop your equipment *
– Choose the cleaning program
– View and control the remaining cycle time


RV5480 iQ

In addition, the iAquaLink ™ application includes a remote control function that allows you to control the cleaner from the edge of the pool, to clean a specific area. This allows you to choose the area you want to clean: bottom only or bottom and walls, and start the Lift System option.

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The iAquaLink ™ application is available for iOS 8.0 or Android 4.1.

Practical and easy to use, it allows you to configure and control your devices, as well as obtain tips and useful information to optimize the use of your equipment.

Zodiac® equipment is designed to minimize water and energy consumption, reduce the use of chemicals and facilitate the maintenance of your pool. The iAquaLink ™ application allows you to control them remotely and spend more time enjoying your pool.

“You can remotely control the pool, see what happens anytime, anywhere. It’s really useful if I want to start the cleaning cycle from my office. The new interface is extremely intuitive and modern.”

The iAquaLink ™ application is extremely popular with users: it has a rating of 4.2 / 5 on the Playstore.


To start cleaning your pool, first place the cleaner in the pool. You can then start, control and stop the cleaner through the iAquaLink ™ app with your smartphone or tablet.

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