Swimming pool filtration pumps

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Pool filtration equipment

filtration in swimming pools


Equipo filtración piscina

Filtering sand is just one part of the job to keep the pool clean. They are filters filled with sand that act as natural filtration agents.

An essential element in all pools, the pump has the function of contributing to the maintenance of water quality, circulating the pool water through the filtration system.

Filtración para piscinas en la zona mar menor y alrededores

Pool water filtration

All pools have a filtration system to keep the water clean, free of algae and bacteria. The two most important components of the treatment plant are the filter and the pump.

In a swimming pool, the filtration system is an essential element that removes impurities from the water. In the center of the system, the pump circulates the water that is then introduced into the skimmers, passes through the filter and then through the water treatment systems, before returning it through the impulsion nozzles, purified.

The filtration system provides you with a water flow that is renewed several times a day, preventing the water from stagnating and becoming contaminated with bacteria and algae.
The golden rule for choosing the most suitable filtration system is to make sure that it is adapted to the volume of water in your pool.

The key element in filtration is the passage of water through the filter. 

This process works in a completely closed circuit. The quality and type of filter are therefore two decisive aspects so that, when the water is in circulation, it always comes out completely clear.

To select the most suitable filter for your pool, an influencing factor is the volume of water to be filtered (volume of the pool, in cubic meters or m3).

The second criterion to choose properly is based on the needs of filtering and saving water. There are 3 main types of filters:

Sand filters: sand with a fineness of about 40 to 50 microns is used as the filter medium. Requires regular backwashes to maintain maximum efficiency level.

Cartridge filters: one (or more) filter cartridges are used as a filter medium with a high filtration fineness between 15 and 20 microns. In addition, cartridge filters do not require backwashing for maintenance. All you have to do is rinse the cartridge regularly, with the advantage of saving water (no backwash).

Diatomaceous filters: 

Filtration method that offers the highest filtration fineness (10-15 microns), but requires more maintenance.

Also, you should know that the sand in the sand filters can be substituted for glass. This filter medium is a bit more expensive, but offers a higher degree of filtration fineness (20 microns) and faster washing (saving water). Zodiac® Crystal Clear filtration glass is the ideal high-performance material for a good treatment.


Swimming pool filtration pumps

The filter pump is the “core” of the pool. Allows water to circulate through the filter and then through the treatment solution to ensure permanently purified water. There are two technologies: – ultra-quiet, environmentally responsible variable speed pumps, – long-lasting and efficient single speed pumps.

Bomba Astral Victoria

Sober and robust design, new generation prefilter cap nut easy to handle. Low noise operation due to the rubber mounts on which it rests. IP-55 protection motor. 

Large capacity prefilter basket. Flow rates in l / h at 8 m.c.a. for 1/2 CV and 10 m.c.a. from 3/4 CV. 3,000 rpm. The Astral Victoria Plus pump has emerged from the fusion of the Astral Victoria and Sprint pumps.

All components have been combined between the components of the Victoria and Sprint pumps. New pre-filter cover: Victoria Plus will have a new cross-head pre-filter cover fully compatible with the Astral Sprint and Victoria pumps. 

This kind of pump

This new cover design will unify the image of the Columbia, Sena and Victoria Plus pumps. Pump foot: The pump foot has been combined between the feet of the Victoria and Sprint ranges. 

The pump foot for size C.63 and C.71, related to power types up to 1CV, comes from the Sprint range. The pump foot for size C.80 and C.90, related to the 3CV stem, comes from the Victoria range.

Filtración para piscinas en la zona mar menor y alrededores

This combination has been introduced with the purpose of improving the support of the pump and motor when this is required, a small foot is introduced when the motor type is small and a long foot for the larger motor types. . In accordance with the Energy Efficiency Regulation class IE2.

Prefiltro de gran calidad

Large capacity pre-filter
Victoria pumps are equipped with a pre-filter
large capacity (4.7 liters) which avoids
clean it so often.

nueva tapa prefiltro

New pre-filter cover Victoria Plus pumps have a new cover
crosshead type prefilter fully compatible with
Astral Sprint and Victoria bombs.

Tuerca de nueva generación

New generation nut Easy to operate prefilter cover-nut, using the opening and closing key incorporated in the pump.

Un mejor soporte de la bomba

Better pump support
The feet of the Victoria and Sprint range have been combined
to improve pump and motor support when
be required.

ICE filter

Equipo filtración piscina

Sand filtration is only part of the job to do to keep the pool clean. They are filters filled with sand that act as natural filtration agents.

Filter laminated with polyester resin and fiberglass and with an excellent exterior finish in blue gelcoat. 1/4 “water and air purge and maximum pressure of 2.5 kg / cm².


Filter laminated with polyester resin and fiberglass.
Excellent exterior gelcoat finish.
Blue RAL 5024 filter.
¼ “air and water purge.
Connections for six-way selector valve with filtration, washing, rinsing, recirculation, emptying and closing operations.
Black top closure cap with screws and pressure gauge.
Internally equipped with diffuser cone and 1 “collector arms.
Tested according to European standard EN 16713-1.
Maximum temperature: 50ºC
Maximum working pressure: 2.5 bar

With a sand filter: dirty water absorbed by skimmers, drains or cleaners is introduced into the upper part of the sand tank. Inside the filter: the sand bed acts as a natural water filtration agent and retains all the dirt. With excellent filtration capacity

Filtration time for swimming pools

The pool water will be completely purified when the entire volume of the water has passed through the filter.

Logically, the larger the volume of the water, the longer it will take to renew the water. Here we talk about recirculation or renewal time.

You should also keep in mind that the daily filtration time depends on the temperature of the water. The hotter it is and the more people are using the pool, the longer the filtration will run (as bacteria multiply more quickly).

In this case, it is preferable to operate the filtration system according to the following standards:

– Single speed pump: Water temperature in ºC / 2

– Variable speed pump: Water temperature in ºC / 1.5

In hot climates, we recommend keeping it running constantly.

If you are interested in our filtration products, contact us and we will advise you which pump or filter is the right one according to the size and characteristics of your pool. You can also ask about our chemical products for swimming pools.