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Our store We are a family business, with more than 65 years of experience. We have a store for swimming pool products. We were manufacturers of an extensive range of chemical products, now we distribute these already manufactured reaching all sectors.

Pools Online Store

In our online pool store we have a wide variety of products.

Chemical Products: algaecides, disinfection, flocculation, saline electrolysis, regulators, wintering.

Filtration: Filtration pumps, filters.

Heating: Heat pumps, electric heaters, heat exchangers.

Pool cleaners: Electric pool cleaners, hydraulic pool cleaners, manual pool cleaners.

Water treatment: Minerals magnapool, crytsal clear, hydroxinator.

Chemical products

We have a wide variety of chemical products to meet the needs of your pool


They are essential for the correct operation of your pool and guarantee the transparency of the water


Heat pumps are an ecological solution that is easy to install, to be able to enjoy the pool all year round


The robot cleaners are adapted to the specifications of each pool to offer an efficient and intelligent cleaning

Water treatment

A good treatment allows to obtain a quality of the water without the need to add chemical products




In our laboratory we offer a comprehensive service that includes analysis, advice on analytical requirements depending on the type of pool and use, and technical consulting offering solutions and improvements to the deviations detected in the analysis of swimming pool water.


We offer a swimming pool technical service for the repair of swimming pools, a fast and efficient service so that the client can enjoy their pool. Repairs, reviews and installations of filters, salt chlorinators, heat pumps, installation of lights, covers, showers, electrical panels etc …


We are official distributors in our area of ​​the Zodiac brand

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tienda de productos de piscinas en Murcia

In our swimming pool products store in Murcia we have all the necessary products so that the pool is in perfect condition and to be able to enjoy a good bath throughout the year.

The pool is one of the greatest pleasures of summer, but because we don’t enjoy it all year round, our heat pumps are the ideal solution for the ideal temperature of your ecological pool, easy to install and energy efficient at the best prices