Calefacción de piscinas: la temperatura ideal para cada piscina

Water temperature

Pool water temperature

Pool heating: pool water temperature

Calefacción de piscinas: la temperatura ideal para cada piscina

Having the means to heat the water in your pool, in addition to the advantage of having more cold people in the house happy, means that you can comfortably extend the bathing season or even be able to swim throughout the year.
There are several solutions available on the market, each with its own advantages. The most important thing to take into account in order to make the right choice is the location and use that you are going to give your pool.


Heat pumps are the ecological and easy-to-install solution, always offering the most competitive cost of use. They are the most cost-effective solution in the long term, and you are actually ensuring a quick return on your investment.

80% of the energy that the heat pump provides in the pool water comes from the air, which greatly reduces the electricity bill, compared to other heating systems.

It is the solution that is suitable for use throughout the year, in the case of heat pumps that have a cycle inversion de-icing system (operating in all seasons). You can also find a heat pump that suits your needs, whatever the size of the pool, even for public pools. It is the most versatile heating system. Lastly, contrary to popular belief, heat pumps are very quiet. The Zodiac® Z400 iQ and Z600 Silent heat pumps are especially efficient in this regard.

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Solar heating is even more environmentally friendly because it does not require any electrical source, although you must bear in mind that this solution is not adapted for the same uses. Since it can only operate on sunny days, it is an option that increases the comfort of the pool and can extend the use of your pool, but only if you live in an area that receives a lot of sunlight. You should know that the solar receivers in the system require a surface area that is 50% the size of your pool, which means that you will need a considerable amount of space …

This is the most economical solution you can find that will quickly increase the temperature of your pool water. However, keep in mind that your electricity bill will go up just as fast. That is why electric heaters are recommended for occasional use (short periods of cold and very cold nights) or to quickly heat the pool of a second residence and enjoy it during the weekend.

So that the electricity bill does not skyrocket, remember to use it in the billing bands with the lowest energy consumption.

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With a heat exchanger, you can make the most of the hot water from your home’s heating system to heat your pool water. Pool water is easily heated by your home heating system (heat pump, geothermal, gas or oil heater, etc.) Therefore, energy consumption and heating performance are totally dependent on the type heating system you are using. It is easy to install and offers an excellent solution that is able to harness the power of your heating system. However, only choose this solution if your heating is economical. Also, you should know that this system only works in pools that are close to your home.

calefactor eléctrico
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