Z200 heat pump

Z200 HEAT PUMP Guaranteed temperature maintenance

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bomba de calor piscina

Z200 heat pump

bomba de calor Z200

DURABLE Patented titanium exchanger. ULTRA-SIMPLE Thanks to its LCD control panel, you just have to press the Start button, choose the desired temperature and the machine takes care of the rest. MINIMUM OPERATING TEMPERATURE The Defrost version operates down to -5 ° C for one season of use, while the standard version operates up to +5 ° C.

The Zodiac Z200 heat pump, designed and thought for the heating of residential swimming pools. Available in various models and features with a COP ranging from 4.7 to 5.6.

The most compact

the z200 heat pump with its dimensions reduced to the maximum, 40% compared to the Zodiac® Z300 model, the Z200 offers an efficient solution, occupying a small space in your garden.

Guaranteed temperature maintenance

Compatible with most pools

Z200 Simple, reliable and economical, it adapts to all types of pools up to 70 m3.

By activating the “heating priority” function, the pool temperature is reached more quickly.

Heat pump for small pools

For small pools, the Z200 heat pump is perfect due to its reduced dimensions to the maximum. Easy to install, Zodiac® heat pumps for all types of pools are the ideal solution to heat your pool and be able to use it often throughout the year, also guaranteeing energy savings.

Heating priority system for swimming pools, which consists of a thermostat that monitors the water temperature. This system activates or deactivates the pump and the filtration system of the pool from a temperature that we define. 

In other words, if it detects that the water is cooling, it takes care of recovering the heat from the water up to the defined temperature. In this way, the energy we use to heat the water is optimized to the maximum to obtain the maximum performance with the most intelligent consumption.

Equipped with a high quality anti-corrosion titanium exchanger patented by Zodiac, it allows the heating of swimming pool water with treatment using a saline chlorinator.


It includes an electronic expansion valve that allows the unit to obtain an optimal COP in all seasons and to make the performance profitable by improving electricity consumption.

Possibility of installation in a technical room for greater comfort. The Zodiac Z200 Heat Pump includes priority heating function and reversible pool cooling function.

Very easy and fast to install, undoubtedly the most profitable and economical system, it offers exceptional performance for heating swimming pools with very low energy consumption.

Data sheet

Z200 heat pump


  1. Horizontal air outlet
  2. Anti-corrosion
  3. polypropylene
  4. housing
  5. Digital screen
  6. Heating priority mode (filter pump control)
  7. Automatic defrost (cycle inversion or forced ventilation)
  8. Anti-freeze thermostat: (operation down to -5 ° C)
  9. Pressure switch safety H.P. and B.P.
  10. Water flow switch
  11. Anti-corrosion TITANIUM heat exchanger (condenser)
  12. Rotary compressor
  13. Electronic expansion valve
  14. Ecological R32 refrigerant fluid

Technical characteristics:

Conditions of use: Air 28 ° C / Water 28 ° C / Humidity 80%


Z200 M2/ Z200 MD2

Z200 M3 / Z200 MD3

Z200 M4 / Z200 MD4

Z200 M5 / Z200 MD5

Potencia aportada (kW)





Potencia absorbida (kW)




COP medio





Condiciones de uso: Aire 15°C / Agua 26°C / Humedad 70% 


Z200 M2/ Z200 MD2

Z200 M3 / Z200 MD3

Z200 M4 / Z200 MD4

Z200 M5 / Z200 MD5

Potencia aportada (kW)





Potencia absorbida (kW)





COP medio





Características técnicas

Volumen máximo piscina (m3)< 30< 45< 60< 70
Caudal de agua medio (m3/h)345
Conexión hidráulica½ rácores PVC ø40 o 50 a encolar
Alimentación eléctrica230 V / 1 / 50 Hz
Intensidad nominal absorbida (A)4,56,37,911,2
Intensidad máxima absorbida(A)5,27,610,213,4
Cable alimentación3 x 2.5
Cantidad fluido frigorígeno (kg)0,680,850,91,1
Potencia acústica media (dB(A))66676972
Presión acústica a 10 m (dB(A))38394144
Peso (kg)40455053

* Valores medios estimados para una piscina privada con cobertura isotérmica del 15 de mayo al 15 de septiembre.


3 años de garantía

Accesorios incluidos :

– Funda de protección
– Rácores PVC ½ uniones 40 Ø / 52 Ø
– Silentblocks

Accesorios opcionales :

– Funda de protección
– Kit PAC Net
– Unidad de control a distancia Z200
– Kit escuadras murales Z200

Pool heat pump price

There is a wide variety of products in this category with different characteristics and prices according to the needs of your pool, for more information on prices, you can contact us and we will advise you on the heat pump you need for the pool or from our store.