Algicides swimming pools

Algaecides for swimming pools are anti-algae for the prevention and elimination of all types of algae

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Algicidas piscinas

What is an Algicide and what is it for?

An algaecide for swimming pools is a product only in liquid format and in containers of 5, 10 and 25 liters with a top handle for handling. The containers are made of plastic to avoid breakage of the container due to poor handling and with a safety cap to prevent the evaporation of the product.

We will understand as anti-algae a less concentrated product for the prevention of the appearance of algae. We can define the concentrated product as an algicide to eliminate or kill the algae in the pool.

How to apply the algaecide to the pool?

The liquid product, you have to open the container and empty the liquid into the pool water all around it and thus mix with all the pool water. When the filtration starts up, it already does the filtering process to finish distributing it. It is in liquid format so that the reaction time is faster since what is important is that it kills all the algae as quickly as possible, because we seek in a maximum of 24-48 days to have the pool water ready for bathing .

Enjoy your pool all year round


Liquid algicide for swimming pools


Multipurpose five-effect algaecide with a monthly dosage in private pools:

• Provides a bright blue color.
• Great effectiveness against algae.
• Repels insects from the water.
• Increases the transparency of the water.
• Does not foam.

Use dose: 1 L / 100 m3 every 30 days (family pools) or every 15 days (public pools).




Quickly remove all types of algae that appear in the pool. It is especially suitable for black, yellow, brown algae, etc. After adding the product you can bathe immediately.


It is a double action product. Algicide and polish for swimming pools. Fully compatible and ideal to reinforce saline electrolysis equipment. It does not foam and does not contain metal ions. 

It can be used as a base algaecide and is also very suitable for use when pools have turned green as a shock algaecide.

Powerful bactericide that minimizes the growth of fungi behind the reinforced sheet and also of the black algae in the grout.
Suitable for the elimination of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus (see technical data sheet).

Dosage of use: 1 to 2 L per 100 m3 of water, according to needs.



How to remove algae from your pool

Cómo eliminar las algas de tu piscina

You have something to know about algae, they have an amazing ability to form, grow and reproduce, especially in summer, since they arise more easily in waters with high temperatures.

Algae feed mainly on nitrates and phosphates.

Few things are more enjoyable than diving into a pool with crystal clear and clean water. But for this to be the case, you need to do optimal maintenance, and sometimes, even when doing so, there are circumstances that we cannot control, such as a storm or the excessive and punctual use of the pool.


Before applying any chemical product or treatment you have to vigorously brush the walls and the floor of the pool, since those are the places where they grow. By detaching from walls and floor it will be easier to remove them later.


You cannot apply any treatment to the water if your pH is off. Proper pH levels have to be between 7.2 and 7.6.


When the treatment is applied, the filtration system has to work correctly for it to be effective, so check it and clean it if necessary. You will need to regulate the valve and allow it to run 24 hours until the pool is completely clean.


It is called this way because it is a specific and definitive treatment. You will remove all the algae that are suspended in the pool (that is why it was so important to brush well before the treatment).

The shock treatment is done with fast-acting chlorine (dichloro) and being aggressive you have to follow a series of guidelines when applying it.

Now wait 24 hours to see if the treatment has been effective. Check the pump from time to time because it may be that the algae that you have had in the pool is now in the pump motor or in the filtration system (or both).

When you no longer see any trace of algae you will have to use your cleaner or a complete vacuum to remove any algae particles that may have remained. Keep in mind that algae reproduce very quickly and if you have not completely eliminated them after a few days, you will have algae in your pool again.

For added safety, after all this process, wash the filter one more time to make sure that no trace of algae remains. Speaking of seaweed, you’d better stop short.

We hope this article helps you eliminate algae from your pool, and remember that the best action to avoid them is proper maintenance. If you have any questions we will be happy to help you.

Remove black algae from the pool

Quitar algas negras de la piscina

Black algae make your pool dirty and are very difficult to remove. It is a problem that must not be missed and solved as soon as possible. Normally, black algae are produced by contamination of bacterial spores in the pool glass.

RECOMMENDED TREATMENT – Brush the affected areas with a
stainless steel bristle brush and apply 1.5 L / 100m³ of Algiblack +. We recommend not using the brush again for cleaning tasks in the pool.

Remove yellow algae from the pool

Quitar algas amarillas de la piscina

Yellow algae have a very slow growth, they are resistant to disinfectants and algaecides. They don’t need sunlight to live, they can grow inside pipes and filters.

Chances are they have been there for weeks before seeing clumps of yellow algae in the pool. The best way to eliminate them is to remove their main food source, phosphates, and treat with a shock algaecide.


1.-Analyze the phosphate level of the water with an analysis kit.

2.-If the phosphate level is lower than 500 ppb, apply Phos-Out and if it is higher than 600 ppb, apply Phos-Out 3XL.

3.-Add Algiklean according to the correct dosage for your pool.