Pool water treatment

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Pool water treatment

Tratamiento agua piscina



The best of the pool gathered in a single concept: MagnaPool®. Magnesium-based minerals combined with the filtration fineness of Crystal Clear glass will allow you to enjoy water of unmatched cleanliness and purity, while being environmentally friendly.

Exclusive water treatment solution magnesium-based

The patented MagnaPool® technology combines the clarifying properties of magnesium with a filtration system of exceptional fineness.

A water without the smell of chlorine and that does not irritate the eyes and skin

Compared to conventional water treatment systems (manual addition of chlorine or salt chlorinators)
MagnaPool® naturally slows the development of chloramines, molecules that can cause an unpleasant chlorine odor
and cause irritation to the skin and eyes.

Zodiac® research has shown us that:

The MagnaPool® system generates 40% less chloramines than a saline chlorination water treatment.
Chloramines develop 4 times slower in a pool treated with MagnaPool® than in a pool with manual chlorine treatment or a salt chlorination system.

With MagnaPool®, you are choosing an environmentally friendly treatment that is gentle on the skin, hair and eyes.



A pool enriched with minerals with extraordinary transparency

MagnaPool® allows to obtain an extraordinary quality of the water without the need to add chemical products for disinfection. All this is possible thanks to the combination of two innovative factors:

The clarifying power of magnesium present in MagnaPool® Minerals.
The exceptional filtration fineness of the Crystal Clear filter media, which is made up of pure glass crystals and is an integral part of the MagnaPool® solution.

Continuous disinfection and always healthy and perfectly balanced water

When we treat the pool manually, the chlorine concentration varies with each addition. This creates fluctuations that can affect the effectiveness of the treatment and comfort in the bathroom. With MagnaPool®, the natural purifying properties generated by the
Hydroxinator® iQ acts smoothly and consistently, without uneven chlorination effect.

Save water and energy Up to 5,280 liters of water saved each year

The Crystal Clear filter media in MagnaPool® pools is made up of thousands of pure clear glass crystals. Unlike sand, it is not susceptible to bacteria and requires a very short backwash. Water consumption is reduced by up to 75%.

Sanitized water, no added chemicals

MagnaPool® is a patented magnesium water treatment that does not require the addition of chemicals to disinfect the water (shock chlorination, anti-algae products, clarifiers, etc.).

An environmentally friendly water treatment system with very competitive maintenance costs.

The patented MagnaPool® system is composed of

Tratamiento del agua de las piscinas | cloradores salinos

MagnaPool Minerals - Crystal Clear - Hydroxinator iQ

MagnaPool®, allows to obtain an extraordinary quality of the water, without the need to add chemical products for disinfection. All this is possible thanks to the combination of two innovative factors, the clarifying power of the magnesium present in MagnaPool® minerals and the exceptional filtration fineness of the Crystal Clear filter medium. Using the Crystal Clear filtering medium combined with the clarifying effects of magnesium, we obtain a pure and transparent water.

Magnesium, an extraordinarily beneficial power of the nature

Present in seawater as well as in the human body and all living tissues (it is the main component of chlorophyll), magnesium is one of the essential minerals necessary for our body to function properly.

The relaxing virtues of a magnesium enriched bath have been recognized for many years. In particular, we know that magnesium is beneficial in relieving pain, caring for the skin, and alleviating muscle problems.