Pool disinfection

Pool disinfection is very important so that it does not harm our health

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Desinfección piscinas

Pool disinfection

Continuous disinfection of pool water is necessary for two reasons. The first is hygiene; the disinfectant destroys viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc. and eliminates the risk of contamination. And the second reason is safety, disinfecting prevents the growth of algae and keeps the water clean.

Chlorine water disinfection

Chlorinated products are the substances most frequently used in the treatment of swimming pool water, due to their high disinfecting power. All of them produce hypochlorous acid (HClO) when reacting with water. Hypochlorous acid is a weak acid that dissociates to hypochlorite (ClO-) in water depending on the pH value of the water. The sum of these 2 forms of chlorine constitutes what is called free chlorine, which is a form that has the greatest disinfecting and oxidizing power.

The disinfecting quality of chlorine is due to its ability to oxidize the organic matter with which it comes into contact, whether they are living elements (germs, algae) or inanimate elements (ammonia, urea, etc.). In this process, the chlorine molecule is transformed and loses its oxidizing power. The chlorine resulting from the combination of chlorine with ammonia and the organic matter in the water is called combined chlorine. This form has a very low disinfecting power and its presence causes irritations and bad odors. Finally, the sum of the free chlorine and the combined chlorine constitutes the total chlorine.

What is the optimal value of residual chlorine in the pool? RD 742/2013 establishes 0.5 – 2.0 mg / l for free chlorine. and for combined chlorine ≤0.6 mg / l.


Our products

Bromine pool disinfection

Bromine is a powerful oxidant ideal for disinfecting pool water with the same degree of efficiency as chlorine. It is very strong against bacteria, viruses and fungi in addition to eliminating organic impurities from the water, but unlike chlorine, it does not give off unpleasant odors, it does not irritate the mucous membranes and it has great tolerance to temperature increases and pH variations, with which is ideal for indoor pools, pools with heat pumps or spas.

Pool disinfection with oxygen

Oxidizing disinfectant treatment that consists of the simultaneous use of oxygen-based products plus an activator. It is compatible with other chlorine or bromine based treatments.

The oxygen treatment is undoubtedly weaker than those carried out with Bromine or Chlorine. It is recommended for private pools where children or the elderly bathe or those who are allergic to chlorine and who carry a very meticulous and precise maintenance.