Chemicals for salt electrolysis

Chemicals for saline electrolysis do not deteriorate the titanium-coated cell, causing its useful life to be considerably lengthened.

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Productos químicos para electrólisis salina

Chemicals for salt electrolysis

The use of a water disinfection system based on saline electrolysis has many advantages compared to traditional treatments that involve the manipulation of chlorine. However, it is still necessary to control various parameters to keep the water in perfect condition: pH, presence of algae or the good condition and conservation of the electrodes.

We wonder why we use chemicals for saline electrolysis.

First of all, salt electrolysis chemicals are those that have been formulated to be 100% compatible with the equipment you have installed. They are products that do not damage the titanium-coated cell, and consequently contribute to prolonging its useful life.

Secondly, these chemicals are healthier and more environmentally friendly, since they are totally free of toxic metal ions, which could be harmful to the health of bathers, and could also reduce the quality of the water or damage your saline electrolysis equipment. They are products that do not cause stains on the walls, that do not turn the hair green or purple, or generate incrustations.

Third, by being formulated to work with this type of system, they increase and improve its performance. How is this possible? Well, because they do not degrade and are resistant to high concentrations of chlorine as it passes through the cell. In addition, they help to strengthen the disinfection equipment in the most delicate moments and when there is a greater demand for disinfectant.

In fourth and last place, simply because they facilitate the maintenance of the water, since they improve its chemical characteristics, its transparency and healthiness.

For all these reasons, we recommend that owners of swimming pools, with saline electrolysis systems, buy products labeled with this distinctive seal. You will reduce maintenance time and cost.

Saline electrolysis in swimming pools

Improves the performance and extends the life of your salt chlorinator

Multifunctional product ideal for the start-up and maintenance of water with saline electrolysis, protects the cell from fouling, removes phosphates and clarifies the water. It lengthens the useful life of the cell, reduces the consumption of water and electricity and improves the production of disinfectant, consequently, it generates significant economic savings and an easier maintenance of the pool. It can be used in both residential and industrial equipment.

Initial use dose / every 2 months: 1 L / 10 m³.


Pool Cell Cleaner

It completely cleans and descales the cell of any saline electrolysis equipment.

Fully immerse cell plates in CELNET PM-142 for 10 to 15 min. and rinse thoroughly with water.

Dry and ready, as if it were new.

Chlorine stabilizer

It avoids the elimination of chlorine by UV radiation from the sun, prolonging its disinfectant action. Compatible with all types of chlorines. Very advisable when using sodium hypochlorite and in water treated with salt electrolysis equipment.

Recommended dose: 40 g / m³.

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