Pool Heat Pump

The Z400IQ pool heat pump is perfect for residential pools, it is simple, economical and ecological.

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bomba calor piscinas

Pool Heat Pump

Available in aluminum gray or beige gray, the heat pump blends seamlessly into any environment. Its 316L stainless steel version is adapted to the most demanding environments thanks to its great resistance. 

Discretion assured

Thanks to its SILENCE mode and vertical air outlet, the Z400 iQ is a discreet and quiet heat pump that can be installed anywhere, even in very confined spaces.

unique design

Thanks to its elegant and modern design, the Z400 iQ heat pump adapts perfectly to all environments. Its version with a stainless steel panel on the front is particularly resistant to corrosion, ideal for pools by the sea.

integrated connectivity

With your smartphone you can monitor and adjust the different operating modes of your Z400 iQ.

Traditional horizontal blown heat pumps require a clearance (footprint) of several meters at the front.
Thanks to its vertical air outlet, it requires a free space (footprint) reduced by up to 70% (1). The area that must be left clear is minimal, so it integrates perfectly in small spaces.

bomba de calor piscina

The Z400iQ

it also manages to go unnoticed thanks to the Silence mode (2), which cuts the sound in half. Indicated for use in
all seasons (defrost models). Possibility of reversible pool heating / cooling function.

With your smartphone you can remotely adjust and consult the different operating modes of the Z400iQ heat pump. The Z400iQ can continually improve thanks to remote automatic updates.

TYPE OF POOLS: For in-ground, semi-in-ground and above-ground pools. Indoor and outdoor pools up to 120m3. Compatible with any type of water treatment.

Pool heat pump consumption

There are two basic indicators to calculate the performance of your heat pump: the power and the coefficient of performance (COP). These indicators help us to compare different heat pumps with each other, having to carry out the calculations at the same temperature (air and water) and in the same humidity conditions.

The power, expressed in kW, indicates the amount of heat that is transmitted to the pool water. The coefficient of performance (COP) is calculated on the same basis, it is the ratio between the calorific power that the heat pump provides to your pool and the electrical power that is consumed.

Therefore, the higher the coefficient of performance, the higher the heating power of the equipment, the better the performance and the more economical. A good heat pump has a coefficient of performance of at least 3-4, calculated under standard conditions (15 ° C air / 26 ° C water / 70% humidity).

For example, a coefficient of performance of 5 means that for every 1 kWh of electricity consumed, the heat pump provides 5 times more energy to the pool water, or 5 kWh.

Z400IQ heat pump


  • Vertical air outlet
  • Polypropylene and galvanized steel housing, epoxy painted (body) or prepainted (front panel)
  • Digital screen
  • Heating priority mode (filter pump control)
  • 2-speed fan with Silence mode (automatic or manual)
  • Built-in Wi-fi with App
  • Automatic cooling mode
  • Automatic defrost (cycle inversion or forced ventilation)
  • Anti-freeze thermostat: operation down to -12 ° C
  • Pressure switch safety H.P. and B.P.
  • Water flow switch
  • Anti-corrosion TITANIUM heat exchanger (condenser)
  • Rotary compressor
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Ecological refrigerant fluid R410A / R32
    Technical characteristics

* Estimated average values for a private pool with isothermal coverage from May 15 to September 15.

** Validation in progress.

3 year warranty

Accessories included:
Protection cover
PVC fittings 1/2 unions of 50
Adjustable anti-vibration feet
Mobile app (free download)

ModelosZ400 MD4Z400 MD5Z400 MD7Z400 TD7Z400 MD8Z400 TD8Z400 MD9Z400 TD9

Volumen máximo piscina (m3)

30 – 5040 – 7550 – 8050 – 8075 – 11075 – 11080 – 12080 – 120

Caudal de agua medio (m3/h)


Condiciones de uso: Aire 28°C / Agua 28°C / Humedad 80%

Poten aportada (kW)


Potencia absorbida (kW)


COP medio


Condiciones de uso: Aire 15°C / Agua 26°C / Humedad 70% – Certificación NF BDC

 aportada (kW)


Poten absorbida (kW)


COP medio



Conexión hidráulica½ rácores PVC Ø50 a encolar
Alimentación eléctrica230V/1/50Hz230V/1/50Hz230V/1/50Hz400V/3/50Hz230V/1/50Hz400V/3/50Hz230V/1/50Hz400V/3/50Hz
Intensidad nominal absorbida (A) 6,9 10,2 13,4 6,7 17 6,8 6,8 19,4
Intensid máxima absorbida(A)101519828103212
Medida cable alimentación
(no incluído)
3 x 2.55 x 2.53 x 65 x 2.53 x 65 x 2.5
Cantidad fluido frigorígeno (kg)1,21,31,451,8
Potencia acústica (dB (A)) en Boost / Silent mode64 / 6165 / 6366 / 6368 / 6664 / 6165 / 6264 / 6266 / 63
Dimensiones (L x An x Al)1 030 x 479 x 880 mm1 030 x 479 x 1 027 mm1 145 x 509 x 1 027 mm
Presión acústica a 10 m (dB(A)) (dB(A) modo Boost / Silent)36 / 3337 / 3538 / 3540 / 38Validación en curso
Peso (kg)70719094105105110110

The COP or coefficient of performance is the ratio between the heating power that the heat pump provides to your pool and the electrical power it consumes. For example, a COP of 5 means that for every 1kWh of electricity consumed, the heat pump contributes 5 kWh to the pool. The higher the COP, the greater the performance and energy savings of the equipment.
Important: COP depends on temperature conditions (air and water) and hygrometry.

Zodiac pool heat pumps

Heat pumps are the most ecological and economical heating solution for your pool, the cost of using this system makes it one of the most competitive. Heat pumps can be easily installed in pools under construction or in existing pools, with a simple electrical and hydraulic connection. There are a whole series of advantages that make this heating system one of the favorites of pool owners looking to expand the use of their pool at the beginning and end of the season, to get the most out of their pool and comfort.