Tratamiento del agua para mi piscina

Swimming pools Water treatment

Tratamiento del agua para mi piscina

Water is a living environment where many microorganisms grow: bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae. Therefore, to enjoy a pleasant and healthy bath, it is essential to treat the water correctly. It is a game of balance between different factors: the use of the pool by bathers, the natural environment and the weather conditions (sun, rain, wind,…).
There are solutions for every pool, and if chemistry isn’t your strong suit, we have high-performance automated systems at your disposal that will do the job for you.

Every pool must be equipped with a filtration system, unless you want to turn it into a pond…! The function of the filter is to retain most of the impurities in the pool water. The pool water, thanks to the pump, is sucked in and guided to filtration, and the impurities contained in the water are retained in what we call a filter medium.

There are different types of filter: sand filters (which can use sand or glass filter media), cartridge filters and, the less common, diatom filters. Each of them has a guaranteed effectiveness. The glass filter system ensures finer filtration and easier maintenance.

Filtration represents 80% of the pool water purification process. It is also necessary to carry out a chemical treatment so that the water is clean, clear, balanced and disinfected.


The pH (acidity level of the water) is the starting point for any effective treatment. It has a very important impact on the behavior of disinfectants and on the quality of the pool water. The ideal pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.4. The pH of the water you use to fill your pool will be evaluated by the pool dealer during installation. They will determine if you have to inject pH + or pH– to maintain a proper balance.

The second step is to disinfect the water. Chlorine treatment is the most widespread technique to kill bacteria. The amount required for proper treatment is determined by a value called the Redox potential of the water. The Redox measures the disinfection potential of the water.

If you are reluctant to inject chlorine directly into your pool, an inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative may be salt electrolysis. Simply add 4g / l salt to the water (9 times less than seawater) and the ions in the salt will be converted to natural chlorine – a powerful disinfectant – with an electrolysis reaction in the device.

The ideal water treatment for your skin, your well-being and the environment is magnesium water treatment. This treatment has the same principle as saline electrolysis, but using proprietary magnesium minerals. Basically, you will be swimming in mineral water.


The best judge that determines whether the disinfection process is working properly or not is the human being. However, handling chemicals is not the best system, and manual water treatment is a time-consuming procedure. In no time, you will realize that it pays to equip your pool with an automatic disinfection system.

Tratamiento agua piscina

Zodiac® solutions have been designed to free users from doing the tasks that water treatment requires, whatever their preferences:

– Autonomous pH regulators to provide the optimum pH regardless of the disinfection system used.

– Redox regulators to automatically manage water disinfection.

– Long-lasting and easy-to-install salt chlorinators that do not require the handling of chemical products. With evolutionary models and optional modules for pH and chlorine regulation.

– The patented MagnaPool® system for treating water with magnesium, combining an unbeatable bath quality, total water transparency and respect for the environment.

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